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First installment of the WOW (Worst of the Worst)

Posted on: August 14, 2008 2:16 pm
Edited on: August 14, 2008 2:26 pm
Ok – so I figured if I put out a Top 10 list, I should turn around and mention some of the stinky teams, too. Bottom 10 lists are becoming more and more popular, so I’ll join the fray.   If your school is mentioned and you don’t like it – I don’t care. You have to know that they are on here for a good reason.    Once again – feel free to send me agreements, disagreements, anger, comments, suggestions, etc. Happy reading! WOW – The Worst of the Worst
  1. Utah State – Maybe if the Aggies stay on the list all year, Dennis Franchione can leave ESPN, Bill-Curry-style, and lead the Aggies.  I mean – his clothes all say Aggies already, right?
  2. Florida International –   Maybe they should get into a nasty brawl with another in-state school, preferably when they are horribly overmatched. Wait a second …
  3. Idaho – the Vandals. Great team name; terrible team. 
  4. Army – I almost feel bad for putting the Armed Forces on the list. But, if you stink, you stink. Just don’t tell any of these guys they might go in the NFL draft.
  5. Louisiana-Lafayette, aka ULaLa, i.e. “Ooh La La, they’re running the wrong way.” Or, “Ooh La La, they have 16 players on the field. I don’t think that’s legal, and yet they still gave up a touchdown … to the defense.”
  6. UAB – some would argue that they are the best team in Alabama with the word “Alabama” in the title. I think that may be going a bit far. The Blazers look to Blaze their way off the WOW in 2008.
  7. North Texas – remember when they brought in the hot shot high school coach who was going to take them past those low-level bowl games to the next level? Uhhh …
  8. SMU – Still? It’s been 21 years. Freshmen weren’t even born when the dreaded Death Penalty was dropped on Dallas. Maybe June Jones can make all the players wear leis and do the “haka” dance to scare some life into the team. (Did you know that June Jones’ middle name is Sheldon? Remember in When Harry Met Sally, when Billy Crystal made fun of the name Sheldon?   “A Sheldon can do your income taxes, if you need a root canal, Sheldon's your man... but humpin' and pumpin' is not Sheldon's strong suit.” That was awesome.)
  9. Syracuse – “Um, hello? Greg Robinson? This is all of up-state New York. Win some games now or go see if the Vandals need a new coach.”
  10. Temple – Ahh, the Temple of the Owls. Over here you’ll see the Tower of Ineptitude. Next to that is the Turnover Altar. And beyond that is a mural depicting Temple’s lone win in 2006.
  On the outside looking in – these teams are all poised to leap into the Coveted WOW List. -          Eastern Michigan, Minnesota, Rice, Northern Illinois, Kent State
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